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Default crested and gargoyle geckos.

hi guys and gals,

new to the forums and very much new to the world of reptiles. although i have been reading up on the care and requirements for several months now- i cannot bring myself to choose between the two.

so, as well as a few following questions; what are your preferences on the two species?

i have found that a lot of articles seem to conflict with each other in regards to the enclosure size for gargs where length is longer than height and vice versa. can they get on well in both? i have an exo terra 18 x 18 x 24 with plenty of gecko safe greenery and wood.

and also, it seems well documented that gargs can become a lot calmer than cresteds which can lead to them just settling down during handling so i was wondering if any crested owners have had luck in succeeding the same?

sorry for all the ?'s but thank ya to those who respond!
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