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Originally Posted by Abercrombiezombie View Post
Yes I do mean 140f.

Although I should say up to, which means 120 to 140 f.

But then I dont have one or two Beardies and havnt had them for a year or two.....

Ideal set up is a min 6 by 2 foot with an un stated heat source regulated according to environmental factors by the wattage. The size viv allows for heat dissipation and gradient.

Just check the ave temp of their natural enviroment and tell me that only gets to 86f !

Oh, and unless your in a very cold environment, it wont be often your home gets to less than the aussie desert at night time, so no need to wast funds on heat mats for the night !.
You left out a fair bit of information there! To suggest a basking spot of 140F in what most would assume as a 4x2x2ft viv (which is the minimum recommended around here) is dangerous for the animal as it won't get the cool area it needs. It would perhaps be better if you recommend that thermogradient and state the viv size too, otherwise a lot of newbies (and their animals) would be in trouble!

I also didn't see anyone saying basking spot should be 86F?

I also wouldn't recommend anything unstatted for newbies. Yes it can be done where lights are concerned, however with such high temperatures I would suggest using a thermostat (even a crappy mat stat) as a safety net.
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