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Gorgeous shot!
I got up close and personal with a young one last year myself. My grandparents were on Holiday, and I was looking after the birds for them (one Finch aviary and one Budgie aviary), and whenever that years baby Sparrowhawks leave the nest, they spend a few weeks hassling the 'easy targets' until they realize they can't get anything and leave them alone. I was in with the finches, cleaning the bath, when BAM! I look up and he's right on top, trying to get in. I shoo him off, and off he goes. 5 minutes later, I'm returning to the finches with a tray of seed, and SLAM! He swoops down, over my head, and slams into the side of the wooden portion of the aviary, looks me drop in the eye and shreds the bubblewrap (stapled on to keep the warm in) clean off the side and takes off, landing on the roof of the bungalow for a second before taking off out of sight.
He's back again 10 minutes later, whilst I'm now in with the budgies, where he swoops down and slams onto the side of the mesh, inches from my face. He just sits there, looking at me, panting, and I'm there just staring at how gorgeous this bird is, Budgies flying around my head.

He came back a few more times during the week, but I didn't see him again the last few days, so I think he'd gotten the idea and gone else where. We lost 2 finches and a budgie due to how much he was hassling and stressing them whilst noone was there, but I'll never forget just how close and gorgeous that bird was! One of the great things about the Grandparents living in/on the edge of the country, you see some fantastic wildlife!

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