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Originally Posted by Abercrombiezombie View Post
An animals requirements is not dependent on the size enclosure you choose for it.

I state there could be a problem due to it be a 4 foot viv.

Location should not make a difference to what is seen as the lowest recommended needs of an animal.

Yes, I mis quoted the temp of 86 from care sheet I read on this very forum, apologies for that error.

A stat will help if the heating equipment it over rated for the environment and it reaches the levels needed. Although the idea of locating the probe further away from the source kind of works, its a false practice as it does not take account of the basking area.

A crappy mat stat as you call it works fine on heat elements up to 100w, but to suggest one would be better than nothing on a 100w spot (the example used) is dicing with problems, operation on the very edge of tolerance is never a good idea.

A temp range of just 5 or 6 c is pretty limited!
and suggestions to use household fitting going un noticed !

dont tell me, a beardie under a lamp with its mouth open is panting and to hot ?
mat stats on bulbs dont work - thats why they call them mat stats. the bulb will blow often.

Beardies will pant under a heat bulb - this is becuase their head is smaller than the rest of their body and gets hot more quickly - the panting is trying to keep the head at the right temperature while the rest of the body warms up.
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