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General rules for the size of viv often quoted go something like:

2/3 of the snakes length in length.

Front and one side add up to snakes length.

Fulling stretching out is beneficial to the respiratory system.

Generally, what size she will make will be the deciding factor on what you choose, and as there are frequently over a foot of variation in one sexs (assuming correctly sexed) size alone, without going to different subspecies, feeding regimes, sex so on.

The fact of the matter is, people keep snakes in little plastic tubs and no matter what viv you get, it will likely be much bigger than SOME peoples rubs and fauns, just be willing to change it up if she does outgrow it.

By all means google away as i don't have any definate advice, just as usual, what i have read over the years.

Front opening and top opening really (to me) is based on opening method above all else.

Sliding doors can make it difficult to get to an aggressive or flighty snake, open outward ones give you more room to work.

Top opening again depends on the field of vision and space to work with.

Exoterra offer some with both opening methods.

I am sure someone with more knowledge will help out, double check anything i say as i don't regard myself as experienced enough to be a sole reference on a choice made
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