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Unhappy Eric our new beardie is sleeping in day & not eating much

Hi all

My boyfriend and I have just bought a bearded dragon named Eric - he is a 12 week old juvenile beardie and seems to have become more and more subdued since we introduced him to his new home. Initially he was quite active.

We have had him for just over two days now and he has not yet done a poop! First day he ate about 10 crickets, today he only ate 2-3 crickets. He hasn't touch his veg or drunken any water. He also didn't move much all morning and went to his bed early this afternoon and hasn't woken since (now nearly midnight), despite sleeping solidly from 7.30pm-8.30am for the last two nights. Is this okay? Is sleeping a lot normal? We're guessing he is still adjusting to his new home, but we're worried about his behaviour, he doesn't move much at all. We've handled him a couple of times (not today) but are concerned we have over stressed him? He also often closes one eye at me when i look in the viv at him. What does this mean?

We have a 4ft wooden vivarium with carpet flooring (initially calci sand the pet store gave us but we removed this yesterday as were worried about impaction). We think his viv temperatures are about right for him with his basking rock temperature at about 113 degrees fahrenheit and his cool end is about 84 degrees in the day, dropping to slightly lower than 90 degrees in the warm end and 64 degrees in the cool end at night.

Do you think he's okay? We're worried!!

Thanks very much

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