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thanks very much for your response. We read some horror stories about the rock, so although we were given one, never put it in. We have a heat lamp with an actual rock below it, the basking temperature is about 115F today, with the warm end of the tank at about 100F, the cool end is about 84F. We have a UV strip light attached the the roof of the viv at the back.

He seems to be much better today, suggesting he was just having a freak out day yesterday. We did handle him quite a lot the day before, but this morning he has been running about the tank gobbling up crickets. He's not eaten any veg at all yet though. And no poops...
We were tempted to mist him, but we're not sure if it'll do more harm than good as we think we will need to pick him out the tank to do it. Humidity is only 34%.

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