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Default HELP!!! it's all going pete tong!

Hi all
I am in desperate need of some advice please.
I ahve just bought a bearded dragon (5 mnths old) but am struggling to maintain a high temperature in the viv. I have a termocontrol pro 2 thermostat which I have set to 29 degrees and placed the prob in the tank at the halfway point about an inch above the substrate. Initially we were using a ceramic bulb but there wasn't enough light in the tank and the temp was only getting to 22 degrees according to the external display. Due to the light issue we have changed to a spot light (100 watts) but again the viv only gets to 21-22 degrees. I turned off the spot last night so beardie could sleep but when i came down this morning the temp display was showing 16 degrees . This is not good - how can i sort this out please?
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