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hiya, thanks very much for your help, much appreciated :-~) as new owners we're anxious to get everything right!

Eric has a 10.0 UVB Exo Terra strip light (33% UVA, 10% UVB).

He went to bed early again yesterday - about 4.30pm but up as normal at 8am, still not eating much and has a habit of closing one eye when we are near the viv. I guess he is nervous of us...

We won't handle him for a few more days so he can settle in properly. He is still not eating more than about 10 small crickets a day (we usually offer a couple more but have to remove them when he goes to bed) and he has really no interest in the veg but as he has not pooped yet we don't really want to see him eat too much.

Here he is:
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