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Originally Posted by Atomicide View Post
Hey Guys and Girls,

Posting in newbie advice because I am a newbie when it comes to these delightful crested geckos.

I bought my gecko a few days ago and it's currently being housed in a 60cm (length) x 30cm (depth) x 45cm (height) komodo vivarium. With a mesh top and a mesh section on one side for ventilation. I assume this is adequate?

Yep this will do fine

I'm doing fine with humidity although temps are a pain in the ass due to the constant cold blast hitting us here in Northern Ireland. To this extent I have currently resorted to using a heatlamp to warm the tank up, and this is where my first issue has arisen. I'm concerned that the mesh top is getting a bit too warm and I'm worried he might damage himself if he gets onto it. I assume climbing upside down on mesh is no issue for something that can climb glass. The lamp is hanging over the vivarium, and the mesh would be "warm" to my touch. I expect once the cold weather goes the central heating will keep him more than warm enough through the night.

Never seen mine climb on the top but he should be fine id it isnt too hot to touch then your fine

Secondly, what's the deal with handling? I know you can handle these guys, but how does it play out. Do they just "tolerate" the handling, do they enjoy it once they get used to it, do they come to expect handling after a while? (My bearded dragon will enrage if he isn't handled/let out for a few days).

No bearded dragon nor crestie will love handling although we like to believe it he just tolerates it same with cresties he mabey just likes the space to run about

Third: To UV or not UV? I'm personally getting ready to set up a UVB 5% on top of the mesh and letting him decide himself if he wants to make use of it. He's got some fake leaves to hide under if he wants to reduce exposure, and some cork bark if he wants none at all.

I've read and been told of eye problems, but I am putting that down to people using those awful cheap compact coil UVB bulbs.

I use the 5.0 compact bulbs in my crestie tank it helps live plants grow if you have any also helps brighten the cresties colour i think the compact bulbs hurting eyes applies mainly for beardies since there sitting in front of it basking all day where as cresties hide behind plants etc so only get a little light

However I would prefer to make sure I am right on this before plowing ahead.

Other than this, things seem to be going fine. I've seen him eat a few crickets over the days he's been here, he is moving around at night. My temperatures and humidity are "adequate" (around 72 in the day, and 64 at night). I feel these are on the low end but only because it's so cold outside, if it gets any colder I may need additional solutions (our house rooms are very large and don't retain heat well). Humidity is about 75% after the misting, dropping to about 35% the following evening. I'm gradually trying to take this up to about 80% after misting, dropping to about 40% the next evening. I'm just trying not to overdo it earlier on.

That said, if anyone has any other random advice, stories, or information I would love to hear it.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read or reply!

Above in red

Also is it only crickets he eats as he should be getting crested gecko diet also
And dont worry to much about humidity aslong as you mist once or twice a day

Plus what substrate are you using

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