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Default Help Please Newbie baby crested gecko advice

Hi, I'm new to the forum and have been reading loads of threads. We got our new baby crested gecko a few days ago and have been getting loads of conflicting advice ever since, I think my head will explode!

My main concern is we were told we could to set up the vivarium (exo 45x45x60) for the little one and so we've spent six months saving money and doing that (my little boy and me). We've planted it with eco soil (with draingage etc) and added moss (on the advice of the shop), live plants, climbing silk plans, vines and it looks great. We have a good temp range and humidity (although I'm worried that we are misting too much but if we let it dry then the humidity goes down to 30-40).

My main concern is that the viv is too big, and when the shop told us to feed it baby food i lost all confidence in their other advice. We were told to only feed it dusted crickets (and the baby food) (how often should we dust crickets? and should we really feed it 4-5 per day? (I have already ordered some CGD repashy food).

I'm a very worried first time reptile owner. I thought I had read up on the care of cresties but since we got it I've found countless threads I hadn't found before and now I'm worried we've got it all wrong!

It's a beautiful creature and I just want to keep it alive. Any help greatefully received.

Thanks. p.s Ruben is my 9 yr old son, he loves reptiles of all kinds and had led us into this world!

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