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I am in the process of doing the same thing building up a set up so I can get my first Crestie and have been doing a lot of reading up too and you are right there seems to be a lot of conficting acvice, but there are a lot of people here who know what they are taking about so I am sure you will get all the help you need!
But, for what its worth here are my thoughts.....LOL

General consensus seems to be to keep a baby in a small enclosure, however I have also read, and of course its true, that in the wild the baby would do fine in a huge enviroment! But I look at it like this, a captive bred gecko will probably have been kept in a small container to start off with, so putting it straight in to a large terrarium will be a shock. So I guess the question is when you bought it from the shop how was it housed?? If it was in a small container then you may want to think about finding a slightly larger container and aclimatising it to that, and then moving up to a larger one, and so on till you get to the size of your terrarium, within reason of course. If you do decide to go straight to the 45x45x60 then make sure there are more than one places for it to feed as it will probably not want to move around that much untill it has settled.

Dont feed it baby food, it is not good for them! you did right to get the CGD, although watch what it is eating, if all it knows is baby food you may have to add some baby food to the CGD at first to get it used to it and feeding happily.

From what I have read live food should only be given 2 or 3 times a week as a treat and dust every time with Repashy calcium plus, make sure the live food is only as big as the gap between the geckos eyes so it isnt a choking hazard, only put in enough for it to eat that night and try to remove anything that hasnt been eaten, crickets can hurt your gecko if left in and they get hungry! I guess that is all down to a bit of trial and error!!

Anyway, as I say I am far from an expert, just trying to help and I am sure some of the more clued up people on here will be more than happ to help you!

Good luck


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