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Thank you so much for replying, it sounds mad but this is keeping me awake! You've given me some good advice. Do you know what a crestie in shock would look like?? Ours jumps on my son's finger when he's put his hand in the viv, he's slept on the vine leaves and is currently just moving about the viv. I just don't know what's normal.

Some more info for the experts. We bought the gecko from a small place that sounded good until they talked about the baby food. I didn't feel i could argue as this is our first reptile. It was housed in a medium size viv. They told us that they had fed their cresties on 3-4 small crickets everyday. The moss sounded like a good idea for humidity but now it's impossible to see if there are any crickets left and we've put in 9! (I think i'm going to spend today hunting for them but they could have buried themselves!).

The first place we went to was a large local shop and we ended up being advised to buy the following:

Reptil Jungle Daylight (24W/4000K)
Sun Glo (exo terra) 40W a
Heatwave (exo terra) desert Medium
A canope for the top of the viv

I didn't argue and they took my son's money (took him 8 months to save).

I then went to the smaller shop and they said the JBL bulb (22!) was unnesseary and suggested a night glo (40W) which made more sense. So now we use the sun glo during the day and the night glo at night. Of course this means we'll never be able to leave the house!!!

Is that any good?

The idea of aclimatising it to a larger place sounds good but to tell you the truth I don't think we can afford to buy another viv and we don't have a lot of room We'll try to putting the CGD in a few places when it arrives.

I'm going to weight Rexy today and hopefully the food will come soon. Can I feed it some mashed up pear in the meantime?!

I'll stop now and go and stare at him some more.
Thanks again.
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