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Originally Posted by Ruben2013 View Post
Hi, I'm new to the forum and have been reading loads of threads. We got our new baby crested gecko a few days ago and have been getting loads of conflicting advice ever since, I think my head will explode!

My main concern is we were told we could to set up the vivarium (exo 45x45x60) for the little one and so we've spent six months saving money and doing that (my little boy and me). We've planted it with eco soil (with draingage etc) and added moss (on the advice of the shop), live plants, climbing silk plans, vines and it looks great. We have a good temp range and humidity (although I'm worried that we are misting too much but if we let it dry then the humidity goes down to 30-40).

My main concern is that the viv is too big, and when the shop told us to feed it baby food i lost all confidence in their other advice. We were told to only feed it dusted crickets (and the baby food) (how often should we dust crickets? and should we really feed it 4-5 per day? (I have already ordered some CGD repashy food).

I'm a very worried first time reptile owner. I thought I had read up on the care of cresties but since we got it I've found countless threads I hadn't found before and now I'm worried we've got it all wrong!

It's a beautiful creature and I just want to keep it alive. Any help greatefully received.

Thanks. p.s Ruben is my 9 yr old son, he loves reptiles of all kinds and had led us into this world!
Hey Ruben awesome you got a crestie i warn you now this post is going to be reasonably long lol i just want to help and give you advice obviously you can ignore it or take it as it is lol

anyway here goes

if its a baby i really wouldnt have put it straight in the 45x45x60 its way to big. All my babies go into a 30x30x45 until they reach 25g and then i put them into the bigger exo. In regards to substrate again as a baber just use kitchen roll a good absorbent one dont introduce them to eco earth again until you upgrade them to the bigger exo. this is so they dont accidentally eat the soil and get impacted and so that there setae (sticky toe pads) dont get clogged with fine earth particles.

Humidty - should never drop below 50% always try to keep it above this. mine all sit between 70-80% i mist twice a day morning and evening.

Food - NEVER feed baby food it has no nutritional requirements for a crestie and i hate people that feed it i dont understand why lol oh well rant over. Repashy is the best CGD available so im glad you have that on order lol

livefood - dont feed mealworms they hold no nutritional requirement at all and they contain to much chitin (exo skel) you can do hoppers (locutst) mine dont eat them at all but others do. The best bet is just silent crickets dusted with nutrobal. dont over feed just give once or twice a week as a treat almost give them as many as they will eat mine plough through between 5-10 crickets so yeah lol.

UVB - if you dont have UV get some lol some owners/breeders dont use it but i assure you times have changed and they certainly do a hell of a lot better with it. get a 15w-20w 7% UVB Arcadia will be the best bulb you can get. I promise you your crestie will live a long healthy life with UVB as long as you meet all the other husbandry requirements. Ive noticed the colours on all my cresties are a lot brighter/richer with UV and my cresties are more active at night as well.

Temperatures - just to give you a comparison. during the day mine are 23-25c and at they night they drop 18-20c

you should get rid of those bulbs that sun glo and night glo lol for starters the wattage is HUGE lol and during the day as long as the room is bright or they are opposite the window then they will be fine lol natural light is the best light !! obviously have theat UV going as well lol.

Also that heatwave thing is pointless - mats only give you isolated heat - cresties need a thermal gradient so a heat source on top of the exo will suffice like a ceramic heater or something.

I know this all seams negative but you have been ill advised by this shop which is a shame and i hate that some people take advantage of new reptile owners.

Im glad you asked on here lol

if there is anything else you need please dont hesitate to give us a shout lol


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