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Reptile keeping is not a precise science - there are almost always multiple ways of keeping reptiles, with conflicting "opinions" from all over the place. Feeding crested geckos baby food used to be a very popular way of getting them started - especially since balanced crested gecko diets are a lot newer to the market than the geckos themselves, and it's only recently that we've had good quality USA formula available directly from within the UK.

Some baby food is fine and millions of cresties out there have grown up healthy and strong on the right mix of vitamins, the right brand and formula of baby food and livefood - it goes wrong when people just think baby food means anything, and end up buying a brand with a lot of chemicals and additives, or very high calorie/sugary ones and think that baby food is a complete diet - it is definitely not!

As you've got yourself some Repashy, that's a more balanced alternative without having to worry about all the extras - but I just want to say that the advice you got about baby food wasn't in itself, wrong - it's just an alternative and perhaps you didn't get the complete advice, as saying "just buy any old baby food", would be far from ideal.

With the lighting, well I'm afraid you were sold some extras you didn't strictly need there. If you can however still take them back for a refund you might want to. You always want to make sure the viv isn't overheating - if you're using 3 different bulbs and a heat mat, and don't have a thermostat, your going to get way too hot. If you can take the bulbs/canopy back and just ask for a thermostat instead, that really would be better. A good quality digital thermometer would also be an investment worth having.

I also don't think the viv is too big. It's bigger than I start with - but the only issue is to make sure he's getting food, otherwise the viv can be as big as you want.

Last year I hatched out around 8 crested geckos. I kept them in a 30x30x45 Exo Terra. No lighting, no canopy, a small heat strip on the back of the exo, attached to a thermostat - but it never one triggered, because room temperatures were more than adequate. I feed my baby cresties 3-4 times a week on livefood, personally I prefer hoppers, and always have fresh CGD available daily. Note though - previous to Repashy being available in the UK, I fed a good quality nutritionally balanced baby food, mixed with nutrobal and I never ever had any problems with it.

Important note: I'm saying that Repashy is far better than baby food, but Repashy has been in the UK market a limited amount of time, and crested geckos have been bred and raised here for the last 30+ years without dropping dead because of baby food, as long as the correct nutritional balance was still found... so don't panic.

It sounds like you're doing plenty of research, don't worry if you get conflicting advice - the likelihood that even if advice seems different from different places, they all have their pros and cons and you just have to read around and make a decision.
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