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Originally Posted by Rottalma View Post
Is your viv exoterra?

The mesh on their top doesnt seem to get overly hot, i just engaged man mode and put my hand under 150 watt bulb and against the mesh, pleasantly warm.

I don't recall you mentioning a thermostat. You have more issue of harming your animal without this than it reaching the mesh. My heat is on and off ever couple of minutes to stop it going over and i believe crested geckos need lower heats.
It's a komodo brand viv, not exoterra. I have a dimming thermostat which is doing the job well, however overnight the bulb seems to be staying on near full power because it has been so cold. The mesh is "warm" to the touch, but if I had to move the bulb closer (tested it out) it does get hot to the touch, and would burn me.

However the weather seems to have gotten better now, so I think this will be a non-issue now.

Originally Posted by Tyzer View Post
Above in red

Also is it only crickets he eats as he should be getting crested gecko diet also
And dont worry to much about humidity aslong as you mist once or twice a day

Plus what substrate are you using
Thanks for your help. As best I can tell he is only eating crickets. I am feeding him the crested gecko diet, but cannot confirm he is eating it. He isn't taking many crickets yet either, but I think that has to do with the stress of moving more than anything else.

I'm currently trying to get him to take crickets I have dipped in the CGD in his tank and he has taken two of them, so I'm hoping he will get a taste for it if he hasn't already.

Substrate is Red Orchid Bark, with some sphagnum moss. (Will probably change this to eco earth or similar so I can plant the viv.

Originally Posted by Arcadiajohn View Post

Cresties really do seem to do better under the correct levels of UV. Many people on the forum will say this.

It is however important to provide areas of light and shade and allow good self regualtion by the animal.

The viv is not planted well yet to be honest. However he does have a few sets of fake leaves he likes to hide in during the day as well as a hide on the floor of the tank he has used once or twice.

I will definitely get him a bulb within the next week!

Just want to thank everyone who replied for their help as well. It is very much appreciated!
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