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Default Information on Eco Vivs

Eco Vivariums are a enclosure that you can plant out and give your Reptile the enviroment it can thrive in.

Finally Reptile keepers can not worry about where the materials come from
which make up their enclosures. Our vivs are made from a board which is
manufactured within the uk and totally from waste aste products.
The recycled plastic is tough durable and waterproof which makes the
life of your enclosure much longer. So green and cheaper than other
Plastic Injection Moulded Enclosures, what more can a keeper ask for!

Arboreal Pythons & Boas
Green Tree Pythons and Emerald Tree Boas.suit eco vivs very well. Many pythons and Boas require higher humidity enclosures than a normal wooden vivarium can cope with for prelonged periods of time. The eco vivs are that perfect solution that enables keepers to have stackable affordable waterproof cages which enables wet seasons for those
species of snakes which need for season behaviours such as breeding. Now you can offer this speciesan affordable enclosure which allows you to provide it. Even those species of snakes which require higher than nomral humidity can be kept within these enclosures without the same level of wear as you find in wooden enclosures. Species such as Boas, Rainbow Boas Emerald Tree Boas, Boigas, Flying Snakes, will enjoy the environment you can now give.

Frilled Dragons & other higher humidity lizards

Without paying the extra for an injection moulded cage which are only available in set sizes, you can now provide realistic rainforest environments for species such as Frilled Dragon.s, Water Dragons, Crocodile Skinks, Iguanas, Green Tree Monitors, Water Monitors and many more. We can exven fit a dvider which will act as a pool area which
has a tap connected for easy drainage outside the vivarium. This enables your Reptile to maintain a good level of hydraination without the usual problems associated with trying to put a pool within a cage. Misting systems can also be fitted to enable correct levels of humidity.

Ceramic Heating Systems

These cages work well with all the main heating systems. From heatmats and spot lamps to ceramic heating systems and mercury vapour lamps with the right size enclosures. The thermo properties make them excellent at maintaining the right temperature when a thermostat is used. With the thickness of the material being 18mm it is also easy to secure
screws and fixings of your heating system into the sides or roof of your enclosure. Always remember though if using a ceramic heating system that it will dry out the atmosphere so extra misting maybe
require if your trying to achieve that higher humidity.

Long lasting for non humid species.

Even if you dont have a high humidity species these cages have lots of other advantages for your Reptiles. Being a plastic based cage they are
extremely long life cages in comparison to some others. As well as this, disinfecting them is far more effective. They are also nice an easy to
clean and keep tidy. These enclosures are suitable for Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx, Corn Snakes, Royal Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Nile Monitors,
Burmese Pythons,Boa Constrictors and many many more.