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Originally Posted by my_shed View Post

Here is the original ABG mix, as created

1 part milled peat

1 part milled sphagnum moss

1 part fine charcoal

2 parts fine tree fern fiber

2 parts fine orchid bark

The charcoal amount is usually increased upto 2 parts.
That is the mixture i followed, but with some PMs to a member on dendroboard, i found you can switch out milled peat for eco earth. It is hard find peat at resonable prices in the UK.

This has reported to last 5+ years in a viv, but as mentioned, you will probably rip it out in less. ABG is all the rage in the states and seems to guarantee plant growth, so that's why is have chosen it for my first.

If you went for thumbnail darts, i would say to look into clay substrate. that is more in the experienced realm though

a question to Dave,

will a 2 54w bulb t5ho fixture be enough for a 4' long x 16" deep tank?

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