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Default Thank You, Welcome, Update (18.5.13 - 19.5.13)

Wow what a hectic weekend!! It has been a brilliant one so lets begin .....

Many thanks again for everyone who turned up at the meet on saturday, again a very good turn out and some new faces. Always fun to get the official stuff out the way so we can chill and chat eat good food and have a good time The "minutes/summary" of the official stuff will be uploaded soon so keep an eye out as i need some feedback etc you will see what i mean when you see it.

Merrist Wood Summer Show - What a brilliant turnout !!! Had a really really good day, so many people turned up we had about 300/400 people in our section throughout the day so really was a good turnout. Parents had loads of questions for us in general about reptiles, sras, what we do etc and they left happy. which in turn brings me on to welcoming all our new members that joined today !! thank you for your support and we will hopefully see you at the next meet.

What Next - well the next event we will be at is the Fetcham Show its in a couple of weeks we will obviously keep you all updated across our social network so you dont forget

Again thank you all for your continued support, me ed and amanda really want this to benefit our whole community, and will do everything we can to make this society the best, the most fun, welcoming community you've joined.

Mike (mroberts531), Ed (jawstheme) Amanda (Manda88 )
Chairman - Surrey Reptile and Amphibian Society - FBH Affilated

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