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Wink congrats and mini rant....

Hiya hun, missed this as haven't been on here for about a week, other more exciting stuff to be concentrating on winky wink.

Big congrats on your little beauty hun, hopefully first of a nice little hoarde for you, always much deserved, always 'quality'.

I really couldn't agree more with all thats been said 'here here' see the same with Eclipse morphs, labeled as such though they have no white washed nose to speak of grrrrrrr if we're all gonna 'do' morphs then come on guys put some bloody effort in and do them justice or leave em be and you're just spoiling them for us that care to do it right.
But then this opens another can of worms for me at the mo, just like Sazz pointed out, this year I have already seen a blinking mountain of people breeding fems that aren't even a year old and certainly not up to form, talk about a total lack of respect or love for your animals and their welbeing, makes me soooooooooooooo angry.
If any of you give a damn about this hobby stop doing sh*t like this, all its does is give fuel to those opposing this wonderful hobby and pulling it down into disrepute grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................anyways again congrats and sorry for the rant x
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