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Wow good to see im not missing much on RFUK out of all the posts in response I had 2 people say sorry for your loss. So thanks Lord vetrinari, Stephen and bampoisongirl... its good to know there are a few decent keepers still out there...

As for you others especially Seven Sins. Its all too easy to think you might be making a smart or clever comment and post the history of peoples threads...If you were a lil smarter you wouldnt jump to assumptions about me or my husbandry. You have no idea of how many reptiles I have had as pets or rescues etc. I dont update my list as I deal with so many reptiles on a dialy basis all the time especailly rescues which do come to me in very poor health alot of the time ...I have moderaters on here who have given me some of their snakes before which I doubt they would do if they saw any issues with the husbandry of may snakes

..If your were clever as you are making out to be, you would see that my bosc died a long time ago ...I have been keeping snakes for over 10 years mate and they have always been in great health until recently and due to the negativity People get on this forum overall of which most of you have you have just proven by your posts, I never really come on here anymore for that very reason.

Even when people put up a post of how well their snakes are doing on RFUK people like you have a tendancy of twisting things or looking at all the negative things. I learned that a long time ago so whats the point.
Sadly Now I only ever post questions on here if i think I may have a problem and dont bother at anyother time ..... Lots of the Old school folk (who were here from the beggining) from here left as well due to the negativity of folk on here and now I have even have newbie-RFUK hatchlings trying to tell me what to do and telling me I need to look at cleaning out my vivs.....those comments have actually made me laugh.....I hope the haters who dont care about the fact that I just lost one of my babies who was actually my first snake, get the sympathy they deserve when bad things happen to them ...(not to their snakes) ...I am always sad when I hear about someones snake dying ......and all you folk want to do its pipe up and stone people who come on here for help with issues and then you think these comments are clever funny and smart...if your so smart you would realise one of my snakes just guys claim to love snakes....yes i can really see how you have welled up when one has just died...not funny ...and im not even gonna bother reading or responding to any of your post replies on here....Really not interested in nasty comments at this difficult time or about the views of unsympathetic idiots. And tbh I would rather be out there spending my time looking after rescues than dealing with negative (insecure) people/bullies who have nothing better to do than slating or picking at people to make themselves feel smart or better about themselves...



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