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It was a rough collie, but beside the point.

The officer has just been, my fella is at work but he said he'd file it off and just pull the dogs away and keep walking next time (easier said than done though with 3 fighting dogs)...

He said they are taking the dog to the vet today but personally he thinks it will be fine (dunno what happens next if it isn't though)...

According to the other family my fella kicked the living daylights out of the dog (wtf?) and proceeded to throw abuse at the family particularly the son who just so happened to be ginger and so was called everything under the sun that is offensive and that the family are bricking it thinking my fella is going to go down and deck him (what are these people on!?!?!?!)

But he said at the same time, he is aware i, nor anyone else we know saw what happened, so it's their word against ours, and with nothing else to go by, we are just getting a warning....

Friggin' neighbours, this is why i want to live in the middle of nowhere
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