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Originally Posted by blue dragon25 View Post
Hello there, new to this forum, hope i am on the right section? I think I posted in wrong section before.

I have taken in two I think to be yellow bellied sliders and was told they were around 6years of age.
They came in a 3ft by 1 x1 tank and were kept in about 4/5inch of water and a internal pump.

I have since brought a bigger tank and basking dock and i have ordered an external filter should be here Monday/Tuesday
They have basking light from pet shop (pet shop had told my o/h it was also uvb) but I know that's not the case but they did need the basking light. I know I need to get an uvb light, but unsure what to get bulb type or fluorescent tube of 5% or 10% which is best? I don't want to go back unless I know exactly what I need. And I am sure I have forgotten something?

And another thing when got them home they have some kind of white fluff which I am sure is type of fungus how would I treat this? I have read using type of salt can help or rubbing iodine solution on their skin but not sure on this. If any one can advise be much appreciated.
Post pictures if you could so we might be able to tell you the species for definate.

I would however strongly advise you to take them to a qualified vet ASAP rather than attempt to treat the fungus you mentioned yourself. Not a good idea to be honest unless you know what you are dealing with.
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