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I may be wrong but i doubt tarantulas would be labelled as a problematic invasive species it says that based on research they will try to prevent species from entering the E.U that could spread and cause health issues e.g. mosquitos spreading diseases ,other species that could destroy crops and cause havoc in the wild and cause damage to eco systems but having said that they could ban t's and other arachnids to stop other species that could be 'trapped in containers' or parasites on the animals

also says that 'Special measures will be taken to deal with issues arising for traders, breeders or pet owners in the transitional period' and there are quite a few businesses i am guessing within the E.U that deal in trading exotic animals across borders surely they will have to take that into account I would like to think that this would just mean more vigorous checks would be made to prevent any unwanted stowaways from hitching a ride

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