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There is a reason Albus Dumbledore was the only one the heir of slytherin ever feared.

A second sheet of glass gone, only just replaced it LOL.

I am going to try one last thing, and bompard his enclosure glass and stick plants to them, maybe it may mitigate him seeing his reflection, and if he does charge it may offer some cushioning to the impact of it, discourage it etc.

This happned this morning, he attempted to charge at me head on, the glass started wobbling, so I decided to move out of his way thinking it was me he was trying to get, seeing me as a threat, just as I moved out of his sight, all I herd was shatter, and one very angry iguana launching himself towards me.

The joys the joys LOL.
After that, if it doesn't work, I am going to need some electric mesh fencing like they have on jurassic park LOL>
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