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Originally Posted by James5012 View Post
Here's a often do you guys handle your Snakes?

I have recently seen quite a few people on pre-loved selling there Snakes as they "no longer have time for them". I am assuming for many this may just be an excuse to get rid!

Due to work and home commitments I struggle to find time to handle my Snakes often.....don't get me wrong they get tip top care and one thing I love about Snakes is the fact they don't require the same attention a dog/cat or even a rabbit would need.

But it seems some people think if they don't handle there Snake on a nightly basis.....thats it they need to be sold to someone can.
My better tempered will be handled a couple times a week, then there's the worse tempered retic which I handle maybe once a fortnight, and then there's my ratsnake which I just don't handle unless I need to.

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