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Not having time for reptiles can cover a wide variety of situations. I completely understand that not having time to handle them is a lame excuse, some of my snakes don't get handled for a month or more and I'm certain this doesn't bother them at all!

However, a lack of time which means you're struggling to do daily checks, maintain husbandry and feed at appropriate times - I can completely understand why you'd consider selling.

I can actually relate to these situations, many times in my old job I would be so exhausted and far too tired to clean my snakes out.I must admit,at one point I did consider selling up because I really felt my busy schedule was affecting my ability to be a decent keeper and look after my reptiles properly.thankfully I am now in a much better job and have enough time and energy on my hands to actually enjoy and look after my reptiles.

So, do I think not having enough time on your hands for reptiles is a poor excuse? Not necessarily! If your busy life is genuinely causing you to struggle to fit husbandry maintenance in then I'd say its incredibly sensible to consider rehoming (or get a new job) but not enough time to handle and give them the 'attention they deserve' ? Oh please!
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