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Originally Posted by JimmyDavid View Post
That's a good observation, Steve. Makes one wonder... All caresheets will tell you otherwise, but they don't make this sidenote observation, ever. Anacondas for some reason seem to have a limited growth (and that, yes, includes weight) in captivity, most like afrocks, and never reach the sizes seen in nature, whereas burms and retics adapt very well to captivity and show their true potential there (although, in many cases, going obese as well).
For many years, the 2 ambassador giants of each specie (burms and retics) were "baby" and "Fluffy", does anyone know if there were reliable weights on those 2? I'm guessing Baby outweighed Fluffy ridiculously, but i would like to see trustable data anyway.
Twinkie the retic was another massive porker and was the largest snake in the world for a time (before she snuffed it earlier this year)
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