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This is one of those topics that could easily digress off into other areas very easily, so I'll try and stick rigidly to the original question.

I only have a couple of snakes these days, so they are all out roaming every day (there is always one that is shedding or has just been fed, so in truth, the first bit isn't strictly 100% accurate! ) However, the actual handling its self is actually very minimal as they are usually left to their own devices until they need rescuing. That minimal amount keeps them hand tolerant though and seems to work well for my snakes.
I am very lucky though that my circumstances dictate that I can let them out at odd times (they are only out one at a time) that suit me best, as I have other interests as well, and a couple of hours minimum for my snakes is a lot of time out of a busy day.

I can understand how people's lives can change to the point where no "pet" is really high on the agenda.
It is easy to end up with a small collection, only to change jobs/meet the new "love of your life"/develop a new, all encompassing hobby or face serious illness etc.
When snowboarding came to the UK many years ago I was totally hooked. There are no mountains in Manchester so my love of snakes dwindled into the background, and I got rid of all my animals bar one, so that they wouldn't be neglected. My remaining hatchling milk was looked after by family when I was away and probably had minimum care. Luckily the old boy is still with me.
If you had asked me if I would loose interest in snakes before that time, the honest answer would have been "No way!"

I do cringe a little when I see new members to the forum, who are obviously not into their 20's yet, rushing to acquire new animals as fast as possible as their enthusiasm builds.
Some will keep them for life, but many, many more will not.
Some will get bored but most will just find that life just gets in the way.
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