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Originally Posted by WoogieWoogford View Post
I bought a little leo last weekend, he started eating mealworms pretty much straight away, trouble is any that are dusted with the calcium d3 supplement he tends to give them a lick and turns his nose up, so tried him on crickets for the first time yesterday, he had 1 that wasn't dusted, 2nd one was dusted, he caught it but let it go then wasnt interested in anymore that were dusted, happily ate 2 more that were not!

I know its early days but id like to know if its something to worry about, anyone else had this problem? How long can they go with d3 until problems occur?

probably overdoing the dust, doesn't need much at all

when i dusted roaces and mealworms, i'd just put a bit over one single insect, and then leave them to roam about in a dish, eventually there was a very light dusting on all of them

yes its definitely something to worry about, without D3, they will get very very ill (although it wont happen over night, weeks to months and problems will gradually occur), but i recon ur just over doing it

better bet tho, if your leo isn't Albino, is UVB lighting rather than D3 supplements
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