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Originally Posted by Khonsu View Post
Looks like you've done a pretty amazing job with this one sir, I doff my cap to you most humbly
Thanks mate, he really has came on and is continuing to suprise me every day.
Originally Posted by Fizz View Post
He is amazing. Well done to you
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Arcadiajohn View Post
You deserve an OBE!
John, I would say, your too modest, your help, and advice, as a friend and advisor, and your support has been amazing, I really wish people understood what a great guy you are, and not just because of the advice you offer, without your input, not just in Albus's case, but with all of our iguanas, we would have found ourselves, stuck, a long time ago.
If anyone deserves an OBE it is you
Thanks once again.

Originally Posted by Debbie1962 View Post
He is absolutely gorgeous, well done both of you.
Thanks, what about the iguana?

Originally Posted by vukic View Post
Wow he's a beast!! Great work..
He certainly can keep you on your toes.

Originally Posted by lozmick View Post
We that know king albus love him to bits he's more than a credit to you can I also say hats of to you Dixon for all the help and advice you have given to us all regarding iggy care you really should write a book or 2. Also a sticky on here wouldn't go a miss when you have the time.
Hi mate, thanks, I have started doing some writing, but it is expensive to publish, it isn't finished yet anyways so I will cross that bridge when it comes to it, if you have any specific requests and I can help, I am sure I can give it a try.

Originally Posted by wayakinwolf View Post
Ha, thanks for the chat tonight on the phone hun, I miss our chats.
Originally Posted by Bexzini
Salazare Slytherin is the sexiest RFUK'er there ever was nom
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