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Hognose called Harley (because he is a hog reference)
PRB called Paddington (because he is from deepest darkest Peru)
Tree Boa called Wotsit ( because he is the colour of a Wotsit)
Jap Rat called Yoshi (because he is Japanese)
Rough scaled Sand boa called Brian ( why not ?)
BCI called Elspeth ( just like the name and never had a daughter)
Dumerils called Helen (was a temporary name that just stuck)
Corn snake called Cody ( he was originally called Cobby ( corn on the cob) but I misheard the person I got her from and thought it was Cody !
1.0.0. Peruvian Rainbow Boa - Paddington
1.0.0. Western Hognose - Harley
0.1.0. Dumeril Boa - Helen
1.0.0. Japanese Rat Snake - Yoshi
1.0.0. Carolina Corn - Cody
0.1.0. BCI - Elspeth
1.0.0 Amazon Tree Boa - Wotsit
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