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mother nature will have had nothing to do with u getting eggs which is why she should have no say whether the babies drown or not.

a broken or missing eggtooth is not a weakness, its badluck, the hatchling that breaks thru is not stronger, its merely luckier.

if u wish to leave ur hatchlings fate to luck that's ur call, but mother nature will not be in the room on that day.


Originally Posted by AilsaM View Post
I don't agree with cutting eggs at all & I know when I have eggs incubating I certainly wont be cutting any, nature should be the judge and I'd much prefer the fittest and strongest out of the eggs to those who can't hatch on their own, after all wild snake eggs aren't provided with luxuries, if they can't hatch they die, which will be my thinking when the time comes, mother nature is cruel as well as kind.
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