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Originally Posted by loxocemus View Post
mother nature will have had nothing to do with u getting eggs which is why she should have no say whether the babies drown or not.

a broken or missing eggtooth is not a weakness, its badluck, the hatchling that breaks thru is not stronger, its merely luckier.

if u wish to leave ur hatchlings fate to luck that's ur call, but mother nature will not be in the room on that day.

I agree Ed, all the stuff so many keepers impose on snakes, keeping them in relatively small boxes, often with no light cycle let alone UV. Starving them of exercise and adequate opportunity to thermoregulate. Taking away the ability to hunt down and tackle their own food by feeding them safe defrosts on tongs. Does feeding them dead specially bred rodents risk turning captive bred snakes into inactive tubes that lay there waiting to suck up a meal offered to them on a stick by their keeper, robbing them of their natural instinctive abilities over time? Turning them into poor captive substandard versions of their wild counterparts? I find it odd that keepers have bred so many generations of captive snakes, changing their colours, removing pigment, scales etc etc and then they get righteous about cutting open eggs because they see it as some kind of test for vitality. What a load of pseudo scientific bollocks! It could be that a contributing factor to the inability of some snakes to hatch from the eggs is something that could be attributed to humans conditioning them to captivity. I think the least we could do is help them out of their eggs. Or should vets and midwives not be assisting with any complication at birth either because it doesn't promote natural selection. People do come up with some bizarre shite.
Keeping reptiles for a long time does not mean you know everything. It does not mean you cannot learn more to improve your knowledge, and you can learn from anyone, including relative newcomers. Knowing a lot about reptiles does not give you the right to be arrogant, it simply makes you look arrogant, however, anyone should be prepared for a blunt response if you start spouting rubbish.
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