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Originally Posted by loxocemus View Post
if egg cutting is impatience then what is breeding a female at the soonest possible opportunity if not impatience.

which is safer the impatient cutter or the impatience to get those eggs to cut or not
You bring up a good point Ed. My answer to that is both can be unsafe if done by inexperienced keepers. Lets face it, most here are inexperienced.

Originally Posted by loxocemus View Post
rgds and i hope u have a good season greg, i really like some of those crazy orange amel hogs u have, like lava with a snout n' eyes :o)
Thank you my friend. I have 4 clutches incubating right now that I am super excited about. 3 of them are lava clutches. Females will be double clutching soon and I have roughly 6 gravid females ready to drop their first clutches. Honestly if I get nothing other than the 4 clutches I have incubating now, I will be fine with that. LOL. There will be plenty of snouted, eye balled lava erupting from eggs for me. Swear, I am not cutting them though. LOL
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