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Originally Posted by Gregg M View Post
You bring up a good point Ed. My answer to that is both can be unsafe if done by inexperienced keepers. Lets face it, most here are inexperienced.

Thank you my friend. I have 4 clutches incubating right now that I am super excited about. 3 of them are lava clutches. Females will be double clutching soon and I have roughly 6 gravid females ready to drop their first clutches. Honestly if I get nothing other than the 4 clutches I have incubating now, I will be fine with that. LOL. There will be plenty of snouted, eye balled lava erupting from eggs for me. Swear, I am not cutting them though. LOL
id leave all the hogs in the eggs if it was me
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rub the scent of a dead mouse on your hands then wiggle your index finger in front of its face - always works
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