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Question Question about non-traditional vivarium decorations

I have a bearded dragon, and I have a vivarium for her that is very traditional in the sense that it has lots of artificial plants, and rocky looking accessories. It essentially looks very natural.

I also have a spare vivarium, and was wondering, as long as all of the correct/safe materials were used and all of the other conditions were good for her regarding temperature and having a hiding place to sleep etc, is she likely to be okay in a less traditionally decorated vivarium?

I'm currently just having fun turning the spare into a pretty 'bedroom' with cute decorations and thinking about making a lizard sized couch or bed for under the heat lamp (she likes to perch on her rock under her lamp currently).
If it would be okay to have her in that sort of environment, I would connect the two so she would have the option of hanging out in the bedroom or the 'garden'.

Either way, decorating the spare vivarium is just a fun side project for me, but if she would like the extra space then I might as well make it usable, but wouldn't want to stress her out.
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