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Originally Posted by MikeO233 View Post
I had a feeling you were going to say somewhere in the North East from the description of the situation.

(Bishop Auckland here. Hi!)

I have a suspicion you may be talking about Jaqui Patterson's?

I would try Micaela Wright at Stanhope Park (On Stanhope Road South).

Andy Cloney was working there, but he has since moved on and I have had trouble tracking him down. I did hear he was setting up his own practice with his wife somewhere in Middlesbrough, but am yet to see any evidence of that, but he would be my go-to herp vet if I knew where he currently was (he used to work at JP and SP and has since worked down in London before coming back to the north east).
Hi Mike, yes it was JP I used to see. I've seen Andy now a few times when he used to work at JP's and then at stanhope road as well.

I'm just going to take him in to stanhope road and see what they say.

Do you know if Micaela Wright sees reptiles?
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