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Default Insect Feeder Bowls - John Lewis

Just thought id post up a recommendation for any owners obsessed with buying food bowls for their reptiles (like me).

In kitchen section of my local John Lewis store, i happened across a current range of Greek ? Tapas bowls, you know, the earthenware ones brown glazed colour.

What struck me was the depth against the width of the range. Alot of my existing bowls (such as the RSPCA light brown ceramic pet bowls, which i keep buying) arent tall enough to stop Morios climbing over and escaping into the substrate. They look deeper, i thought. I wonder if these will stop the bleeders from getting out. So i bought two at 3 each on spec.

Success !!! well 95% of the time anyway (100% with smaller bleeders). Keeps them in for a whole day so now when my Frilly "Dilly" deigns to grace the food bowl with her prescence, Morios are there waitin for her. They come in a nice Red brown colour too, which blends in with the substrate nicely.

Recommend these if you're interested, if not nevermind.
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