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Default What constitutes a reptile rescue?

I have lost count of the number of adverts I've seen recently with the advertiser describing themselves as a "reptile rescue" my names blah blah and I have many years experience with reptiles and I'd like to offer any of your unwanted reptiles a loving forever home.

While I have no doubt that there are some reptile rescuers/rescue organisations doing amazing work out there, such as the RSPCA reptile rescue in Brighton and many others, who are dedicated to providing a safety net for unwanted reptiles, I have become rather cynical regarding the true motivation of some of these "selfless" charitable individual/s who seem to be offering forever homes one week, but shortly afterwards advertising the same animals for sale, and not for a nominal rehoming fee either, but for full price. These individuals often have classified adds running selling reptiles while they offering to take more in.

For a start, how can anyone advertise forever homes to an unlimited number of unwanted reptiles? I couldn't and I have about 50 spare vivariums in my lock up, but I don't have the space or money to accommodate a limitless incoming supply of unwanted animals that I can look after until their dying day.

So, who are these philanthropic reptile lovers who have warehouse sized reptile rooms that can accommodate these unwanted reptiles, who have such an unlimited supply of space and money to spend on electricity and food for these poor unfortunate creatures? So much space and money in fact that they actually have to advertise for more unwanted animals?

It would seem to me that some of these individuals may not be being completely truthful when they say they can offer these animals experienced forever homes, I mean, it is simply not possible to do it. So are these people just taking reptiles in for free and flogging them off at a profit? And if they are, are they not misleading people by offering forever homes, when they are not in a position to offer one themselves, or guarantee where they'll actually end up.

Should some of these people not be saying, 'Bring me your reptiles for free and I will move them on to someone for a price'

Is this not nearer the truth for some of these "rescuers" and therefore should the
authorities not be looking into the nature of their activities?

Would their adverts be seen as illegal deception in the eyes of the law?
Are they in fact an actual business, declaring their full tax liabilities?
If they are not being completely truthful regarding the nature of their activities, how do we know they are capable of looking after exotic animals anyway?

Hats of to the true reptile rescuers, they have my full support. The other type who are lying about the true nature of their activities are starting to annoy me.

So, how do we distinguish the good guys from the bad guys?
Keeping reptiles for a long time does not mean you know everything. It does not mean you cannot learn more to improve your knowledge, and you can learn from anyone, including relative newcomers. Knowing a lot about reptiles does not give you the right to be arrogant, it simply makes you look arrogant, however, anyone should be prepared for a blunt response if you start spouting rubbish.

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