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I know people that rehome or facilite the rehoming of unwanted reptiles, they manage to do this without advertising themselves as rescues.

People that openly claim to be reptile rescues are generally chancers who flip animals a few weeks/months down the line. It seems the claims of being a reptile rescue helps part people with things perhaps. I'm not saying it's the case with everyone but when you dig a little deeper things aren't always what they seem.

I remember one person a little while ago who was asking for donations for equipment and offering forever homes for turtles claiming to be a rescue on one popular sale site and then one other popular sale site was selling the equipment as starter kits with turtles. Woefully poor starter kits at that.

I'm quite sure if I dug around a little there are quite a few people operating exactly like that.

If I see an advert that offers forever homes for unwanted reptiles I generally ignore it.
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