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I am happy to offer a forever home to the following species:

Snakes: Boelens Pythons, Green Tree Pythons and selected Royal Pythons.

Lizards: Sungazer Lizards, Armadillo Lizards, Chinese Crocodile Lizards, Rhino Iguanas and Day Geckos.

Chelonia: Egyptian Tortoises, Pancake Tortoises and Alligator Snapping Turtles.

I will also consider some amphibian species too.

I am also happy to accept any donations of brand new equipment to help with this noble work!!

For everything else please contact the SSPCA (if you are in Scotland) or the RSPCA - thanks muchly!!
Fraser Gilchrist
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CAVEAT: any opinions expressed are my own and based on my own experiences and observations - whether you agree or disagree with them is up to you!!

IMPORTANT: if the health of your animal is giving you cause for concern, absolutely seek a second opinion from fellow forum members - your first opinion however should be that of a suitably qualified veterinarian!!

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