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Originally Posted by Zux View Post
Your Temp-gun is what you can trust, so adjust accordingly and ignore the readings of digital probes or thermostats, those are only accurate for ambient temperatures (generally speaking) due to the nature of how probes work, the dials on a thermostat are often inaccurate when it comes to surface temps for that reason.

As for why 33C surface temp, I have found the Geckos seem to favor areas with a surface temp of between 33-33.5 over any other, mine have large enclosures with the choice of many different temps. Anything lower than 33C and they tend to spend half their time hugging the floor, presumably trying to raise/maintain core body temp.

PS: 37C wont burn your Gecko, no. But they dont usually experience temperatures at that level during their active hours in the wild and tend to avoid them where they can in my experience.
Really informative, thank you.

The vivarium she's currently in is set up without any issues. I've just taken a reading of the heatmat, the area above it; the cool end : 37c, 32.6c and 24.4c respectively.

How does this temperature sound?

I don't want to get them incorrect if I'm going to be moving her from an already settled home.

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