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Default YBS appearing too early this year

I have a 14 year old YBS kept outside now for about 10 years.

He always disappears in Late November or early December and pops up in March happily looking for food.
This year he went under as usual looking in good condition, but has suddenly appeared on his island for the past 2 days. He does act sleepily and did not go back in the water until well after dark. Not interested in food either.

I worry that he is using energy and deplete the resources he needs to sustain him until spring.
His friend the Map is nicely on the bottom somewhere, but the Map does not usually come up until 2 3 weeks after the YBS.

Any ideas if this is because of the warm weather (there has been no ice on the pond this year) and he may go back under until the spring, or is this a sign of something wrong?
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