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Default Brexit, tax, Hamm, Houten, and Doncaster

I've had a search on 'brexit' as a topic but can't see this discussed yet. While clearly this exit process seems to be taking some time (getting started). And assuming we lose the right to free trade without taxation at the border ...

Does anyone have any thoughts on the movement of snakes (lizards) in/out of the UK to/from Hamm/Houten after the UK leaves Europe? Same for EU breeders bringing snakes over to Doncaster.

Example - if a large scale UK breeder takes 100 animals over to Hamm/Houten to sell, and brings some back, plus maybe some pickups. Would they need certification for 'each animal'? ... or would they list and value their animals as a total when leaving the UK? ... then pay tax in Calais as the point of importation ... then get a tax refund in Calais on the way back for any unsold animals ... and then pay tax in Dover for any new animals bought? ... or would the whole process need to be handled by a reptile import/export agent?

Individual buyers just popping over to buy would need to declare at Dover and then pay tax (again, assuming we lose free-trade).

USA to UK importation is going to be handled via a courier and that will go through customs clearance via an agent and taxed at the airport so the new owner is a bit distant from the process. Plus that is a one-way shipment which is a bit different from Hamm/Houten/Doncaster.
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