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Default Really?

I am in the process of making my rescue into a charity. I have not once asked for money or anything to take in mistreated or unwanted reptiles.
I have never rehomed one either.
I have a Sumatran water monitor who bit his own tail off because his owner trapped him in the door to control him. I did have an adult green iguana who sadly was euthanised due to a tumour in his throat, who I nursed from a skeleton and knocking on deaths door. I recently took in a albino corn snake who was abandoned in an empty house for over 12 weeks. He is 5ft long but so skinny he looks like a shoe lace. I have a 7ft female salmon boa who is covered in scars. Where her previous owner used to stick cigarettes on her. How can I turn my back on these. When it's the uneducated and stupid humans doing it. Each one will live it's days out with me. I opened a shop to educate the public, I sell fun stuff to do with reptiles. And I share there stories. Not everyone is after a quick buck. I'd go without before they would.
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