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that's why i think a ball python sticky, a boa constrictor sticky, a corn snake sticky, a cali king sticky etc would be much more appropriate and helpful for beginners rather than trying to make a one sheets fits all approach.

but ur correct when u say newbies don't usually post iv just bought a bush snake please help those species and others like them are almost always bought by people that know their trade craft and generally only need to know very specific info like incubation period etc so those species are fine without specific hand-holding attention.

but certainly balls boas and corns need a newbie read first sheet, ie the ball one could focus on their feeding issues, the boa one on preventing obesity and safe handling of large specimens and the corn one on the hazards of keeping sexes together unwanted clutches and eggbinding issues, that kind of thing.


Originally Posted by Malc View Post
Agreed, but then look at the posts and see what species of snake they are about... Royal pythons, cornsnakes, and boa's. You don't see a (genuine) first post saying "I'm thinking of getting my first snake and want a GTP or egg eater or green bush snake" - its typically balls, boa's and corns

Ed, maybe you should add a post to it, giving detailed explanations to each section for the species you had in mind ? That way we are both contributing to the support for newbies, and it will save is both having to repeat stuff over and over again
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