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Originally Posted by wilkinss77 View Post

Good point Ed- maybe Malc could amend the post by pointing out that some species that are obligate burrowers HAVE to be kept on loose substrates & must never be kept on paper, carpet etc, eg hogs, sand boas, rosy boas etc.
I've gone past the time period to be able to edit the post...

If the mods could edit the post to include that, it's fine by me.

With regards to individual care sheets, I was trying to stick to a generic one with things that all snakes have in common, such as methods of heating, and trying to cover all bases. But if someone else wants to produce species specific sticky posts then I'm all for that, I was simply being the catalyst to get the ball rolling (and no that has nothing to do with the spider morph ball - rolling.... I'll get my coat !)


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