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this is the 33lt version

the upper cage height in those is just random, if someone was building stacks of them for heterodon id suggest anything from 300 to 450 for upper cage height (a full 600mm board as a back piece would give an upper cage height of @436mm). the 33lt is a better drawer, the 50lt i think is too deep/high for this short a cage, i just forgot the 33lt was the same floor area with lower height when i did those previous sketches .

if you didnt like the swing doors there is a design with 2 units per cage that uses classic sliding doors, the midwall partition lines up with the inner doors edge, so like the swing door u have complete access to the cage. the only quirk with this design is the midwall has to come right up to the glass door inner surface, so the snake cannot get into the neighboring unit (or get trapped trying to).


Originally Posted by Whosthedaddy2 View Post
This is a set up I would like to have dabbled with.

I tried it with my double decker RUB design for the anacondas but think it's worth a go with the design you've suggested.

Well done
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