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a mod for a non spill water tub, these are often used with large constrictors, retics etc and the mod prevents the tub being moved around and tipped over from just the weight of the animal, it can be further modified with extra batons to be placed further along the cage length, it does not have to be placed in a corner.

this one is not my design but i have no idea where i saw it originally. the baton material can be anything but id suggest upvc 25mmx20mm rectangle trim uPVC Window Door Architrave Skirting Plastic Beading Trim Pack of 4 X 1250mm 49" | eBay
(or larger if its a sizable tub) rubs make good water tubs as the rims are fairly strong and will resist flexing

water tub, corner placement

tub with batons, side fixed baton prevents tipping, bottom baton prevents moving around

just baton placement, its a cheap quick mod that can help with those troublesome tub movers/spillers

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